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Balinese Roasted Pig
Wayang Secret Garden Ubud, Bali Indonesia
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How to prepare Balinese roasted pig


Babi guling is a traditional balinese roasted pig. Balinese people making roasted pig for special occasion such temple ceremony,birthday and anniversary party and for business It's delicious and you should definitely try all of the different parts of it.
It is easy to get one anywhere in bali!
But how about making your own roasted pig ( babi guling) this would be a truly unique experience! You can do it real Balinese style , with catching the pig yourself at the sty,killing it and cleaning it,or it can be done for you.
What you will do for sure is prepare and roast the pig in the fire approximately 2 to 3 hours with help of local.the process is very traditional , but the final food is completely safe to eat since the pig is's impossible to eat the whole pig at on the time,even with several people so you can of course takes much as you want back with you,to eat the next day. You will be amazed how much better babi guling tastes if you were preparing the pig yourself.

Have fun!