Balinese Cooking Course
Create your own Bali experience

Balinese Roasted Pig
Wayang Secret Garden Ubud, Bali Indonesia
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We are family cooking course is a Balinese operated business that really does give you the opportunity to experience Balinese food at your own leisure with no time restrictions there are no frills and no gimmicks.

This cooking lessons is design for individual needs. Balinese cooking course is Authentic Balinese and Indonesian cuisine in traditional Balinese kitchen and utensils. Experience the real Balinese cultures through their traditional cuisine as Bali hold such a variety of delicious. Delights allow us to introduce to the island of Bali,through it is array aromatic cuisine.classes offer a fascinating introduction to the exotic ingredients herbs and spices with add the unique texture and flavours to Balinese dishes cook in traditional kitchen using unique traditional Balinese utensils.

Our local experience chef Dika and Reny are always ready to assist you to experience the real Balinese cuisine . Exquisite spices and flavours,learn to cook like the local and take that knowledge home with you Respect all ingredients,salt and peppers are your best friend and cook with love Have your experience first hand!